Stump Removal

Don't Let Tree Stumps Litter Your Yard

Don't Let Tree Stumps Litter Your Yard

Schedule stump grinding services in Minneapolis, Excelsior & Chanhassen, MN

After you get rid of an unwanted tree, you need to take care of the tree stump. Don't try digging it out yourself or using chemical removal methods-turn to H&M Tree Service Inc for help. We offer stump removal services to clients in the Minneapolis, Excelsior & Chanhassen, MN area. We'll use powerful stump grinding equipment to grind down the stump efficiently.

Worried about your landscape? We can fill in the hole once we're done. Our team will even haul away the debris for you.

Call 952-228-1678 now to set up stump grinding services.

Tree stumps can cause serious problems

Leaving tree stumps on your property may seem harmless, but it can actually cause serious issues, such as:

Toxic fungi growth
Lawn disease
Lawn pest invasions

The roots may even continue to grow and damage your pipes, driveway or sidewalk. If you need stump removal services, reach out to us today.