Tree Removal

Need to Cut Down a Tree? We're on It.

Need to Cut Down a Tree? We're on It.

Rely on us for tree removal services in Chanhassen, MN

When you need to get rid of diseased, dying or unwanted trees, reach out to H&M Tree Service Inc. We provide tree removal services for clients in Chanhassen, MN and nearby areas. Our licensed tree climbers can cut down any tree, big or small. You can even ask us to cut up the tree for firewood, turn it into mulch or haul everything away for you.

Does your tree look like it could fall over at any minute? We're available 24/7 for emergency tree removal services. Call 952-228-1678 now to get help.

3 signs you need tree removal services

Not sure if it's time to schedule tree removal services? We recommend making an appointment if...

1. Your tree is too close to your home or power line
2. You've noticed mushrooms growing near your tree's roots
3. You can see a hole in your tree's trunk

Don't wait to get help. Contact us right away to request emergency tree removal services.