Tree Trimming

Dead Branches Are a Safety Hazard

Dead Branches Are a Safety Hazard

Arrange for tree trimming services in Minneapolis, Excelsior & Chanhassen, MN

While routine tree trimming will keep your trees healthy and beautiful, sometimes you need emergency tree trimming for hazardous branches. When that's the case, it's best to let the pros handle the task. H&M Tree Service Inc provides tree trimming services for property owners in and around Minneapolis, Excelsior or Chanhassen, MN.

If you have dead or heavy branches that are hanging...

Over your commercial building
Near a power line
Above your vehicles

... you need to get help right away. We can remove hazardous branches properly. Call 952-228-1678 now to set up tree trimming services.

Leave tree trimming to the experts

Don't try to trim hazardous branches by yourself. You could end up stunting your tree's growth, injuring yourself or damaging your property. Our professionals are licensed to perform tree services and will handle your tree trimming needs easily. Plus, we'll clean up once we're done.

Email us today to request tree trimming services.